Legacy Birdbaths are $249 US each.

Legacy Birdbaths are shipped by courier and the shipping cost varies by destination ranging, from $29.95 US to a maximum of $95 US to most destinations in continental US & Canada (with the exception of Alaska & northern Canada).

Legacy Benches are $399 US each.

Legacy Benches are shipped on a pallet by trucking company. The cost of shipping is $95 US.

For an accurate shipping cost, please proceed to the checkout and enter the shipping destination there (you may cancel the order at this point if you wish).

Orders for Legacy Birdbaths and Benches are processed through Castartifacts.com. Note that this online retailer offers many other garden statuary and ornamentation products and also offers a free shipping option for orders over $600 US (of which a Legacy order would be a part).

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